Superb ways to increase practice revenue with Patient Financing without increasing your workday

Superb ways to increase practice revenue with Patient Financing without increasing your workday

There are many reasons why patients decide to not return to your practice or not schedule treatment, but money is one of the most common. increase practiceThey just can’t afford to pay for the procedure all at once, so they stop scheduling appointments and opt to forego treatment.

Not only does this mean your patients aren’t getting the health care they need, it’s also hurting your production numbers and ultimately your bottom line. It’s a no-win situation, but there is a way around it.

If you offer a patient financing option, more of your patients will feel comfortable going forward with treatment, and they’ll be more likely to become loyal patients. They’ll appreciate that you’re willing to show them different ways to pay for procedures, and might even tell family and friends about your answer to a concern.

To make this happen in your practice, then contacting AMS will be your next step. Through our Patient Financing solution, your patients can make manageable, interest free payments each month, while you still collect money for what you’ve produced. You don’t have to wait for patients to get around to paying you, and patients don’t have to worry about what writing one large check for their health care needs will do to their monthly budget.

Once you officially partner with AMS and our patient financing company, send a professionally printed announcement to inactive patients to let them know financing is now available at your practice. Consider having your Patient Coordinator follow up with a phone call to discuss this new option and how it can make paying for treatment more manageable. Patient FinancingYou’ll find your production numbers will go up and you’ll turn patients on the inactive list into patients who are ready to schedule treatment.

Whether your patients are met with a severe accident or have a close relative who just suffered a heart attack, patient financing can prove to be their best financial and medical companion at such times of crisis. The costs of medical procedures are escalating and many individuals are rendered helpless in critical situations when they do not possess health insurance coverage to provide for the high expenses of such treatment. Healthcare providers and institutions too are compelled reluctantly to turn down their patients who arrive without having sufficient funds at their disposal to pay for the treatment. The result- several patients simply die or suffer lifelong due to non-availability of the right treatment at the opportune moment.

To learn more about how your practice can benefit from having this great ancillary service from AMS in your practice, then contact us and schedule a meeting with your local Certified Ancillary Consultant.