Superb Ways To Increase Practice Revenue Using Medical Weight Loss, Without Extending Your Workday.

Weight lossSpring is the perfect time of year to start talking weight loss with your patients. With over 50% of your patient base being overweight or obese, medical weight loss is a sure fire way of changing people’s lives – on the outside and on the inside.

Solutions for Weight Loss are becoming popular as doctors are becoming increasingly frustrated with an inability to successfully assist patients in losing weight. The reality is patients that are overweight and obese have become so from years of poorly formed eating habits and activity regimes. Patients need help through education, support and encouragement to enable them to lay down the foundations for behaviour change.

Weight loss is largely a cash based business, bringing income free from the scrutiny of Medicare and commercial insurance. Typically a weight loss patient will spend $225 per month in the program and will stay in the program for 4 to 5 months. Practices typically see revenues of $3000 to $5000 per weight loss day offered.

Ancillary Medical Solutions has partnered with Weight Loss MD to provide physicians a truly tailored weight loss solution for their practice as well as their patients. Weight Loss MD offers 18 different diet plans. If patients are looking for rapid weight loss for a big event they have their drop 10 lbs in 14 days program or if patients need to lose 50 or 100 lb, slower more sustainable programs are available.

The Dr Emma HCG program is available as well as Vegan and gluten free diet plans. Menu plans are emailed to the patient each day with modest and achievable activity plans. Many of these patients barely move 1000 steps per day and part of the Weight Loss MD philosophy is to ‘get them moving’. Their activity suggestion is provided in concurrence with the patient and achievable goals set.

The physician office receives the full support of Weight Loss MD in setting up their office. Current office work flows will be assessed as well as patient flow. Ideally, the weight loss aspect of the business becomes a business within a business. Alternately a stand alone clinic can also be set up.

Weight Loss MD will work with the physician to determine a suitable site for a stand alone set up as well as assist with floor plan and layout. Weight Loss MD continues to open a new office around the nation each month and is steadfast in its progress to reducing the weight of our nation.

The Weight Loss MD solution provides all the benefits of a franchise without any ongoing costs. Costs for set up are all inclusive of consultancy, website, business plans, procedures and patient information. All information can be branded to your office through a simple cut and paste of your logos, giving you an instant professional offer and business.

The key to success is ongoing marketing. You will already have a large cross section of patients in your office that can benefit from weight loss. New patients can be attracted to the office through marketing on the internet or other cost effective medium for your local area. With Weight Loss MDs system, your office will rank highly in Google SEO and have new patients finding you.

With weight loss being the single highest predicator for chronic disease states and poor health outcomes, offering a medical weight loss solution is necessary to combat the health of the nation.

For more information on this and other Ancillary Medical Solutions, contact us and we will have one of our Certified Ancillary Consultants contact you.