How services like Urodynamics and UroCuff are making patients more loyal

Blog Post How services like Urodynamics UroCuff

Offering your patients ancillary services expands your repertoire and helps entice your patient base into returning to your clinic to seek service.Urodynamics Offering a solution like our Urodynamics Testing or our UroCuff Testing offers your patients a one-of-a-kind diagnosis option previously only offered in a urology clinic. Our solution offers your clinic the chance to test patients you would have normally referred out to a different specialist. With no up-front monetary commitment, our solution comes to you and works with you to identify patients that might benefit from testing leading to a more accurate diagnosis and better treatment.

I have said it before, as a health care provider you are being forced to change and the field is becoming more and more service oriented. Clinics and providers are having to find new ways to entice more and more patients and are having to provide expanded services to keep the ones they already have. Combine this with diminishing returns and reimbursements and that equates to each provider having to see more and more patients in order to see the same revenue stream as in years past.

Seemingly, every patient now has a smart phone and is connected to every social network imaginable. Social sites are becoming the new word-of-mouth and patients are openly displaying their lives and experiences. Not to justify this new social norm, but it is becoming easier for patients to broadcast their experiences. When they have a good experience, just like in a news broadcast, there is little notice when they write about it but, when they have a bad experience, the news will be sure to reach as many eyes and ears as possible. Care providers are having to adapt and when the idea that reimbursement may eventually be tied into patient satisfaction, it is easy to see just how important it is to keep your patients happy. Healthcare provider websites are popping up more and more and are starting to function more and more like social networking sites.

It is imperative that you begin to adapt to these changes as well as expand the offerings you have for your patients. Ancillary services do just that and services like Urodynamic Testing and UroCuff testing bring a service to your clinic that normally has been reserved for urologists. By offering solutions such as these, you expand your reach of diagnoses and treatment options and you keep your patients under one roof. You bring revenue back into your practice that, otherwise, would have been lost.patients more loyal

With the rate of incontinence increasing with the aging population and by providing tools for diagnosing incontinence issues, you have a win-win situation that you can institute into your practice. Our experts work with you to identify your patients that may benefit from Urodynamic/UroCuff Testing and lay out a schedule. All staffing and equipment requirements are brought in at no cost to you. Our staff brings a complete solution into your practice, works with your staff and patients, does all testing, and our board certified urologists help make diagnoses and generate reports including treatment options. Should further expertise be required, you and the patient will be told. Otherwise, this solution expands the care you can provide to your patients and helps bolster your bottom-line.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us or your local CertifiedBlog Post How services like Urodynamics UroCuff Ancillary Consultant.