How Ancillary Services Like the Sudopath Are Increasing Revenue and Patient Satisfaction For Healthcare Professionals

SudopathThe Autonomic Nervous System Testing unit is a great solution for your practice to aid in the objective diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. Targeting diabetic patients due to their high risk for neuropathies, the Autonomic Nervous System Testing offers the quickest and simplest test you will be yet to find. Delivering instant, objective results in an easy to read format.


The Autonomic Nervous System Testing test is noninvasive and can be delivered by any staff member taking just 2 minutes per test. Reimbursements typically are around $170 per test from Medicare with prior authorization only being required by Obamacare health plans.


The Autonomic Nervous System Testing is a programmable electro medical device namely USB plug and play hardware including an electronic box, cables and reusable electrodes with software for assessment of Sudomotor pathway comprising skin microcirculatory and post sympathetic cholinergic functions using galvanic skin response measurements. The galvanic skin response test is performed by using four large stainless steel electrodes placed under the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, where sweat gland density is very high.


The device generates a low voltage signal with weak direct current that is fed to the active electrode. The current is delivered to the contralateral electrode–person circuit in two directions for each pathway. During the patented measurement process, the polarity is alternated at the middle of each measured pathway. The electrical stimulation provokes an electrochemical reaction on the bulk of the electrodes, measured as electro-conductance response nitric oxide, which corresponds to the skin micro­circulation, and electro-conductance response chloride, which corresponds to sweat gland density.


This is a great test for diabetic patients to detect neuropathy OBJECTIVELY (instead of using a monofilament). The Autonomic Nervous System Testing test normally taking 2 minutes to perform, can be offered easily on the day of a regular office visit billing with a 59 modifier. Patient acceptance of the test is very high due to the speed and lack of invasiveness.


Even small offices could find 2 or more patients to test per day with a national average of 35% of all patients being diabetic. This device has the ability to turn around the profitability of your office.


Sudopath PNThe Autonomic Nervous System Testing test allows detection of neuropathy risks BEFORE patients are experiencing symptoms and while nerve damage is potentially reversible. Approx. 30% of type 2 diabetics can have neuropathy when they are first diagnosed with diabetes. This test is a good step in advancing patient awareness. Nerve conduction studies typically test the A and B fiber nerves, Autonomic Nervous System Test the C fiber nerves which are often overlooked when testing nerves.


Peripheral and cardiovascular neuropathy are among the largest concerns for diabetic patients and it having been repeatedly proven that the earlier this condition can be detected and treated, the more likely a patient is to live a long and healthy life. Current estimates put the likelihood that a diabetic patient showing physical symptoms of peripheral neuropathy will survive through the next five years at between only 25 and 50 percent.


By catching this condition through regular testing, health care providers can make a positive difference. This effective test is performed by measuring galvanic skin response in a non-invasive and easy to perform fashion by using a Autonomic Nervous System Testing. This is one of a number of great ancillary services that your practice can begin offering your patients and is reliably covered and reimbursed in full by major insurance, including Medicare.


The turn key solution that Ancillary Medical Solutions offers, not only will return many financial rewards for your practice but keep your patients at home and healthier, affording quality of life.

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