Frequently Asked Questions on Patient Financing

Frequently Asked Questions on Patient Financing

If you’re looking at ways to increase you overall monthly revenue along with increasing your patient care without increasing your monthly expenses.Patient Financing Then adding an ancillary solution like Patient Financing might be a good fit for your practice. But first there is sure to be some questions on how you can make it all happen.

Here at AMS we have answers to your questions, and can show you many great ways to increase your monthly revenue. We have two dozen different ancillary services that you can implement into your practice based on your practice needs. And Patient Financing is one of the top to choose from.

How do I get started

Contact us at AMS and we will get you the information needed to get started. We will then get you in contact with our Patient Financing vendor, and from there the vendor will get you set up with the needed training. After that we will continue to make sure you are using this solution to keep your practice profitable.

Is Patient Financing widely used?

Our Patient Financing vendor are at work in several thousand healthcare practices across North America and are helping patients afford to get the treatment they want and need. Patient Financing is endorsed by most major state and national physician associations. Having Patient Financing is recommended by leading practice management consultants.

What if my patients don’t pay their bill.

AMS’s Patient Financing solution is a non-recourse program, so if your patients delay payment or default, it’s not your responsibility.

How do patients apply for Patient Financin?Frequently Asked

With this format, your office can submit an application by phone or through the web site.  It will come in to your assigned Finance Manager through the vendor and you will then be sent an immediate “pre-determination”. Next, your Finance Manager will submit the request to every possible lender (as needed), and within 15 minutes, you will get the response(s) back.

Does the Patient Financing solution provide support for the practice?

When you enroll with our vendor, your office receives the best support in healthcare. The vendor provides your staff members with a personalized orientation, which includes tips on how to present financial options to patients and helpful presentation tools. Your practice also receives all the ongoing supplies you’ll need, free of charge.

Why should we offer patients Financing when we already accept major credit cards?

Unlike general-purpose credit cards, the AMS financing vendor credit card program offers flexible, special terms promotions. In the end, your patients have the option to get the recommended treatment today and pay for it over time with convenient monthly payments, keeping their cash and other credit cards available. A revolving line of credit allows patients and family members to return to your practice for extended treatments and follow-up visits.