Expand your patient offer with Protocall Two Way Patient Communication Texting

Expand your patient offer with Protocall Two Way Patient Communication Texting

Face-to-face communication has been and will continue to be the foundation of the physician-patient relationship. However, electronic communications with patients through mobile telephones, e-mail, and websites are forcing physicians to rethink the way they spend their day and provide care to patients.patient offer The availability of online health and wellness information, online medical advice, home monitoring systems, personal health records, and online support groups, is making it possible for patients to take more responsibility for their health care.

For almost a century physician practices have depended on the telephone to communicate with their patients. Administratively, the telephone is used to schedule appointments, remind patients about upcoming appointments, relay lab results, and handle prescription renewal requests. In addition, there are a host of other types of administrative phone calls made by the practice to insurance companies, pharmacies, hospitals, and others.

But now with the help from AMS you can free up your office staff by utilizing the Protocall Two Way Patient Communication Texting ancillary service from Dialog Health. By having this solution in your office will also greatly help with reducing your patient no-show rate. And in most cases increase your monthly revenue.

As the volume of telephone calls has increased, many practices have embraced new technology to enhance the efficiency and convenience of phone calls, for office staff, physicians, and patients. Some practices have purchased automated telephone systems that provide patients with a list of options for directing their calls to the correct staff member. There are even automated outgoing call systems for reminding patients of upcoming appointments or notifying them of normal lab results.Patient Communication Also, in today’s mobile society, many physicians rely on wireless phones to keep in touch with their staff and patients while not in the office. This type of instantaneous communication can be very beneficial to patients but requires extra effort from physicians both to properly document calls and to perform any needed follow-up work from the call.

And that is one of the great things about Protocall. The system stores all conversations with patients in their own files by telephone number. So there is no added extra work for the physicians or their office staff to document calls. Better yet by using Protocall helps frees up time to keep up on other office tasks that may be getting put aside to finish those daily calls to patients.

Like other new patient technologies, text messaging has to be handled carefully to avoid breaking privacy, trade, and communications laws. But some healthcare providers are finding texting to be a useful tool that helps increase collections, improve patient compliance with physician orders, and reduce the appointment no-show rate.

Expand your patient offer with Protocall Two Way Patient Communication Texting

When you are ready to learn more about Protocall and how it can help your practice, contact AMS. By getting in touch with us you will be able to schedule a time for your local Certified Ancillary Consultant to visit your practice and go through our Ancillary Check-Up.