Consolidating Your Practice Offer And Revenues with Allergy

allergy 1Allergies affect over 20% of Americans and an even higher percentage of children. This chronic condition can cause asthma and other respiratory complications and can severely lower the quality of life for sufferers. Patients can feel chronically tired and miserable when suffering the heights of the allergy season.

Over-the-counter allergy medication that do not provide lasting relief and leave consumers spending billions of dollars each year on these tablets.

Ancillary Medical Solutions is proud to offer a treatment option that truly gives your patients a way to feel better. Our partner specializes in identification, diagnosis and effectively treats allergies by implementing a complete solution. State of the art testing and home based immunotherapy are provided.

Patients are much more likely to persevere the length of treatment due to the relief they experience typically within three to four months of commencing treatment and the ease of continuation of treatment from home based therapy. The dropout rate for office based therapy is around 86% with patients seldom staying in treatment long enough to reduce or eradicate their symptoms.

The convenience for patients to perform their own treatment at home empowers the patient with convenience. Instead of spending time on multiple weekly office visits the patient can do their own treatment at home or use a caregiver.

Nationwide there are only about 2000 allergists with over 60 million people suffering from allergies. There is an overwhelming demand for additional providers to service all the allergy sufferers out there. The industry is currently worth $8 billion.

Our solution is turnkey. After a patient and payer analysis, our allergy partner predetermines a per unit fee for testing and treatment. Profitability is typically around $1500 per patient based on an average mix of payers.

An office can be up and running in as little as three weeks with all testing supplies and materials provided to your office.  The office is trained in running the allergy business from patient selection to billing. The provided allergy technician will handle all testing and treatment of the patient with the supervision of the presiding physician.

“Allergy is the 5th leading chronic disease in the US among all ages, and the 3rd most common chronic disease among children under 18 years old.”- Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Benefits to the practice include long lasting treatment for seasonal and perennial allergies and allow retention of patients in office that may have previously been referred out. Practice revenues will increase markedly with just 10 patients per month bringing in an additional $15 000 per month on average in profitability.

The practice also benefits through its expanded offer and provides a further angle for marketing. There is no capital investment required on behalf of the office with the vendor providing everything

allergy 2Patients experience improved quality of life with a treatment for the cause of their allergies rather than the symptomatic relief that was previously offered.

The office will receive a highly trained allergy technician and in house marketing and educational materials. All testing and treatment supplies are provided along with the protocols required to run the program effectively.

The ease of implementation and efficacy for patients means you can have your patients feeling better and well in control of their allergy problems long before next spring arrives.

For more information on this turnkey solution contact Ancillary Medical Solutions to find out more.