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How Ancillary Services Like Medical Records Storage Are Helping Private Practices

Overwhelmed by paper?   For as low as $129.00 per standard size banker’s box (10″H x 12″W x 15″D) you can have your paper records scanned, which includes the optical character recognition (OCR) of each record.  Once your records are scanned, you are able to:   Instantly Search for one term, combination of terms, or  […]

An independent review of Medical Fitness and it’s benefits

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Medical Fitness has the potential to make the biggest impact on patient lives. It has been shown to get people to be more active has the ability to improve health beyond what losing weight can offer. There is little in offering for physicians in private practice for medical fitness and the biggest hurdle is space,  […]

How Ancillary Services Like Medical Fitness Are Increasing Revenue And Patient Satisfaction For Healthcare Professionals

The population of the United States is becoming unhealthier by the year. With increases in weight and sedentary lifestyles, the health of our nation has never looked so grim. Whilst assisting patients to lose weight is one step in fighting this uphill battle, offering a Medical Fitness solution is another. Encouraging patients to be more  […]

Superb Ways To Increase Practice Revenue Using Medical Fitness, Without Extending Your Workday.

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Medical Fitness is an innovative offer that proactive physician offices can provide to vastly improve the health of their patients. As sitting becomes the new smoking, getting patients active is now considered more important than weight loss. Many patients lack confidence when it comes to exercise. Offering Medical Fitness in office, gives patients the caring  […]

Consolidating Your Practice Offer And Revenues With Medical Fitness

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If you are one of the many medical practices seeking to generate more revenue, Ancillary Medical Solutions has something for you. Reimbursements are constantly declining and with extra layers of compliance it is harder than ever to keep your practice profits growing. Physicians are increasingly turning to Ancillary Services as an opportunity to bring in  […]

3 Reasons Your Patients and Practice Can Benefit From Medical Fitness


Ancillary Medical Solutions now has an easy to implement and affordable solution to offer physicians Medical Fitness. With sitting becoming the new smoking, patients need to understand that the biggest favor they can do to improve their health and well-being is to move. Healthcare stakeholders in the government and commercial sectors are more closely scrutinizing  […]