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3 Reasons Your Practice Needs AMS’s Urodynamics and UroCuff Testing Solution

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Everywhere I look, I see new practices specific to geriatric care opening or new care facilities being built that are aimed at our aging population.  In a previous blog update, I mentioned some numbers on the aging population and the increase, as well as projected increase, in female patients experiencing some form of incontinence.  I  […]

How Ancillary Services Like the Sudopath Are Increasing Revenue and Patient Satisfaction For Healthcare Professionals


The Autonomic Nervous System Testing unit is a great solution for your practice to aid in the objective diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. Targeting diabetic patients due to their high risk for neuropathies, the Autonomic Nervous System Testing offers the quickest and simplest test you will be yet to find. Delivering instant, objective results in an  […]

Superb ways to increase practice revenue with PRP without increasing your workday


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) sometimes referred to as Autologous (using patient’s own blood) is exactly that, a component harvested from someone’s blood whereby a high number of platelets are concentrated. Platelets are known to aid in the healing process of all wounds and therefore the regeneration of cells. New data show that platelets release large  […]

How Ancillary Services Like Medical Fitness Are Increasing Revenue And Patient Satisfaction For Healthcare Professionals

The population of the United States is becoming unhealthier by the year. With increases in weight and sedentary lifestyles, the health of our nation has never looked so grim. Whilst assisting patients to lose weight is one step in fighting this uphill battle, offering a Medical Fitness solution is another. Encouraging patients to be more  […]

Superb Ways To Increase Practice Revenue Using Medical Fitness, Without Extending Your Workday.

Med fitness

Medical Fitness is an innovative offer that proactive physician offices can provide to vastly improve the health of their patients. As sitting becomes the new smoking, getting patients active is now considered more important than weight loss. Many patients lack confidence when it comes to exercise. Offering Medical Fitness in office, gives patients the caring  […]

Consolidating Your Practice Offer And Revenues With Medical Fitness

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If you are one of the many medical practices seeking to generate more revenue, Ancillary Medical Solutions has something for you. Reimbursements are constantly declining and with extra layers of compliance it is harder than ever to keep your practice profits growing. Physicians are increasingly turning to Ancillary Services as an opportunity to bring in  […]

Superb Ways To Increase Practice Revenue Using an In-House Laboratory Without Extending Your Workday.


Diagnosis and treatment of many of your patients relies heavily upon lab work.  Often, many of the labs required must be ordered out due to lack of equipment, lack of space for equipment, or even a lack of funding for an ancillary service requiring expensive instrumentation.  Ancillary Medical Solutions offers expert advice and guidance with  […]

Consolidating Your Practice Offer And Revenues With an In-House Lab

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Previously, we discussed the advantages of having an In-House Lab as an ancillary service and how it can help stream-line patient care as well as improve results, therefore raising the bar for patient treatment and outcome.  Decreasing the steps involved or lowering the contact points a sample goes through or the number of people handling  […]

3 Reasons Your Practice Needs AMS’s In-House Labs Solution

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Setting up and running your own lab is difficult.  You have to research your equipment options, weigh operating costs/start-up costs with revenue, analyze the tests you are ordering and compare them to how reimbursement is given from insurance, make sure you have all your accreditations, validate your tests, and possibly hire more staff.  Then there  […]

Reasons Your Practice Needs Medication Dispensing.

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Reasons Your Practice Needs Medication Dispensing. With increasing pressures on physician reimbursements, the need to find extra sources of revenue is becoming necessary for many practices. Adding Medication Dispensing is an easy no cost start up solution well suited to a variety of offices. Offices can commence Medication Dispensing with 1 or 2 different medications.  […]