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Expand your patient offer with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)


If you offer BHRT in your practice most patients you treat for hormone replacement therapy originally seek you out because they are experiencing symptoms such as a lack of energy, decreasing sex drive and a general decline in their sense of well-being. What some people may not realize are the longer term health benefits to  […]

Reasoning behind why an In-House Lab is appropriate for clinicians and health care today:


Economics and changing reimbursements with health care reform. All of you operate within these confines and you probably ask yourself how can I maximize my money, especially with services I am already utilizing. More than 30,000 other American College of Physicians members already operate their own clinical labs within their practices. It is estimated that,  […]

Reasoning behind why Toxicology Testing is appropriate for clinicians and health care today:


Nearly 15,000 people die every year of overdoses involving prescription painkillers.  1 in 20 people in the United States, age 12 or older, reported using prescription painkillers for nonmedical reasons in the past year.  Since 2010, enough prescription painkillers were prescribed to medicate every American adult around-the-clock for a month. I previously mentioned in an  […]

Reasoning behind why Urodynamics and the UroCuff test are appropriate for clinicians and health care today:


Well over 3 million Americans are incontinent, of which 85% of them are women.  Between the ages 30-59, one in four women have experienced an episode of urinary incontinence.  50% or more of elderly persons living at home or in long-term care facilities are incontinent.  Approximately 80% of those affected by urinary incontinence can be  […]

An independent review of the institution, utilization, and benefits of an In-House Lab.


Many of you utilize lab data as a key factor in deciding treatment options in your practice.  Every day, you request labs and analyze the data which, in turn, helps you identify the underlying disease process, make a determination of condition, and define treatment options.  Many of you have also recognized that your reimbursement rates  […]

An independent review of Toxicology Testing and its benefits.


Many of you, regardless of specialty, understand the need for toxicology testing but also recognize that it can present an ethical dilemma not only on how it can influence patient care but also on the financial abuse of the health care system, as a whole.  While, legally, you may not benefit financially from confirmation testing  […]

Reasons Your Practice Needs Medication Dispensing.

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With increasing pressures on physician reimbursements the need to find extra sources of revenue is becoming necessary for many practices. Adding Medication Dispensing is an easy no cost start up solution well suited to a variety of offices. Offices can commence Medication Dispensing with 1 or 2 different medications. Medications are generic and the doctor  […]

How Ancillary Services Like Medication Dispensing Are Increasing Revenue and Patient Satisfaction For Healthcare Professionals

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Medication Dispensing is a simple, turn-key solution to institute into your practice. With over 325 installs, healthcare practitioners across the nation are embracing the simplicity PharmaLink offers your practice.  PharmaLink offers over 2400 trusted, generic medications to choose from and software which allows for medications to be dispensed at your office in less than 1  […]

3 Reasons Your Practice Needs AMS’s Toxicology Testing Solution


At AMS, we understand ancillary services and we have worked to provide only the best solutions possible in each arena.  With many solutions, there are legal restrictions in terms of anti-kickback regulations and Stark laws.  We have the knowledge and experience to take the particulars of your practice in terms of how many practitioners you  […]