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The #1 Condition Overlooked by Most Primary Care Physicians

  Primary Care Physicians are facing many challenges in today’s healthcare economy. According to a survey done by Procare, roughly half of independent doctors responded that they expect to have to sell their practice within the next decade [1]. In most primary care practices, opportunities for reimbursements are missed. This lost revenue is not insignificant.  […]

How Medical Records Storage can increase your practice profits

Despite the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) systems, medical practices still face serious space constraints due to the storage of physical patient files. And in a medical practice, space is money—meaning every square foot occupied by physical records represents thousands in wasted resources. Shelves upon shelves of cumbersome files are siphoning resources that might  […]

How Ancillary Services Like Patient Financing Are Helping Private Practices

RAccelerated by the Affordable Care Act, high-deductible health plans have emerged as a major trend in healthcare. Placing more financial responsibility on patients for medical services has a direct impact on physician practices. Operating successfully within this framework requires greater awareness of differences among insurance policies and discussions of treatment options that are sensitive to patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.  […]

Increase The Value Of Your Practice With Ancillary Services

Whether you are looking to increase profitability or have retirement on your radar, there are effective ways to increase the value of your practice. Ancillary Medical Solutions has a variety of products and services that can enhance your practice and profitability. Many physicians constantly struggle with practice challenges from reimbursement changes, staffing and time management.  […]

How Ancillary Services Like In Network Lab Are Helping Private Practice

Independent practices are being pressured more and more every day to look at adding services, not only to keep their patients satisfied but also to bring more revenue back into their clinic. Most of you have recognized the push to incorporate solutions like the Annual Wellness Visit or solutions revolving around mental health and disease.  […]

Are Your Patients Frustrated With Their Lab Bills?

One of the biggest gripes patients have with their doctors is the large out of network bills they receive for their lab services. In the average physicians office as much as 40% of laboratory billing occurs out of network.  In the state of New York it can be as high as 90%. This leaves patients  […]

How In-House Lab can increase your practice’s profits

technician placing blood tubes in the laboratory centrifuge

Blog 08172015 In House Lab Can Increase Profits Many clinics, providers, and clinical managers have either tried their hand at running their own lab within their practice versus sending samples out. If you have, you know how hard it can be. You usually have to do a lot of the leg-work on your own at  […]

How services like an In-House Lab are making patients more loyal

Blog Post How services like In House Lab Health care and patient treatment is moving more and more towards being a service based industry. Whether that is a good thing or not, I will leave for another discussion but the fact remains, patients are rating your services and talking about their clinic visits more and  […]

Reasons Why an In House Lab and Lab Testing Helps Improve Patient Care


Reasons Why an In House Lab and Lab Testing Helps Improve Patient Care A physician owned lab or in-house lab can vary greatly in size and application, from single blood analyzer to multiple lab instruments, there is no specific size or limit from which you and your practice might benefit. The real question is what  […]

Affordable Care Act Expands Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits and Federal Parity Protections for 62 Million Americans


The Affordable Care Act will provide one of the largest expansions of mental health and substance use disorder coverage in a generation. Beginning in 2014 under the law, all new small group and individual market plans will be required to cover ten Essential Health Benefit categories, including mental health and substance use disorder services, and  […]