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3 Reasons Your Patients and Practice Can Benefit from Allergy Testing

At AMS we are always coming up with the best ways that you as a Physician can increase your patient care and greatly increase your monthly revenue. And one great way to do that is to offer your patients our Allergy Immunotherapy Ancillary Solution. Allergies are the result of a chain reaction that starts in  […]

How services like Allergy are making patients more loyal?


How services like Allergy are making patients more loyal Allergy services have typically been challenging for an office to provide. The high drop out rate of patients due to the requirement for in office injections led to only a small number of patients ever completing their allergy treatment regime. With the ability to provide patient  […]

Consolidating Your Practice Offer And Revenues with Allergy

Allergies affect over 20% of Americans and an even higher percentage of children. This chronic condition can cause asthma and other respiratory complications and can severely lower the quality of life for sufferers. Patients can feel chronically tired and miserable when suffering the heights of the allergy season. Over-the-counter allergy medication that do not provide  […]

Superb Ways To Increase Practice Revenue Using Food Allergy Testing, Without Extending Your Workday.

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Food allergy is becoming increasingly popular as more holistic medicine is becoming more mainstream. Having the ability to identify and eliminate food allergens in the diet has the ability to affect individual health and well being significantly. Regular food consumption typically results in tolerance where no physical symptoms result from ingesting food. In contrast, those  […]