Practice Benefits and Medication Dispensing

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Medication Dispensing is a turn-key solution for allowing the provider to access over 2400+ generic medications to prescribe to their Patient Base. Our Vendor provides a best in market computer software portal which ties into your EMR to select the patient and controls the office’s formulary.  All the provider has to do is print off  […]

Frequently Asked Questions About In-House Medication Dispensing.

With the increasing challenges of compliance and profitability in the changing face of healthcare, physicians are looking for new solutions. Ancillary Medical Solutions is helping physicians solve their profitability issues by adding patient-centric solutions such as Medication Dispensing. Patients are enjoying the convenience of having their prescriptions filled before they leave the office. Physicians are  […]

Superb Ways To Increase Practice Revenue Using Chronic Care Management

Ancillary Medical Solutions is proud to provide a Chronic Care Management solution that is turnkey and specifically designed to help meet the requirements of Medicare’s new chronic care management code: 99490. The platform provides easy to use technology and is partnered with excellent concierge services. This solution provides the most comprehensive care coordination solution available  […]

More Frequently Asked Questions on the Annual Wellness Visit

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The Annual Wellness Visit, despite its generous reimbursement has left many doctors still uncertain how to produce a compliant report and to find time to do it. The Annual Wellness Visit helps plan patient care and ensure that they are aware of all the preventive testing that is recommended to them to improve their health  […]

Consolidating Your Practice Offer And Revenues with Allergy

Allergies affect over 20% of Americans and an even higher percentage of children. This chronic condition can cause asthma and other respiratory complications and can severely lower the quality of life for sufferers. Patients can feel chronically tired and miserable when suffering the heights of the allergy season. Over-the-counter allergy medication that do not provide  […]

How Ancillary Services Like Protocall Two Way Patient Texting Communication Are Increasing Revenue and Patient Satisfaction for Healthcare Professionals


Here at AMS we have an answer to the question. “How do I lower my patient no-show rate”?   By implementing Protocall Two Way Patient Texting Communication from Dialog Health. This solution will give you the tools that are needed to reduce your no-show rate by 70% and in most cases increase your revenue by  […]

An independent review of Medical Fitness and it’s benefits

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Medical Fitness has the potential to make the biggest impact on patient lives. It has been shown to get people to be more active has the ability to improve health beyond what losing weight can offer. There is little in offering for physicians in private practice for medical fitness and the biggest hurdle is space,  […]

Expanding your patients’ offer with Medication Dispensing.

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Ancillary Services are fast becoming a way to safeguard the profitability of your office. With the rapidly changing healthcare environment, doctors are looking to find new solutions to enhance their practice and provide new opportunities for revenue. Medication dispensing not only affords patient convenience but allows a new cash stream to become part of the  […]