How Ancillary Services Like Toxicology Point of Care and Toxicology Confirmation Testing Are Helping Private Practice

In the United States, we have such a wide and varied population that represents every genetic disease and covers every health problem the rest of the world sees combined. From diseases like sickle cell mainly seen in regions like Africa to various genetic disease seen in groups like the Ashkenazi Jews, even portions of our  […]

How Ancillary Services Like In Network Lab Are Helping Private Practice

Independent practices are being pressured more and more every day to look at adding services, not only to keep their patients satisfied but also to bring more revenue back into their clinic. Most of you have recognized the push to incorporate solutions like the Annual Wellness Visit or solutions revolving around mental health and disease.  […]

Are Your Patients Frustrated With Their Lab Bills?

One of the biggest gripes patients have with their doctors is the large out of network bills they receive for their lab services. In the average physicians office as much as 40% of laboratory billing occurs out of network.  In the state of New York it can be as high as 90%. This leaves patients  […]

How services like Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy are making patients more loyal

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How services like Bio When significant health concerns arose for those patients using synthetic hormone replacement therapy, millions stopped taking them. Patients and physicians alike began to search for alternatives. Countless women and men have now made the switch to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Bio-Identical hormones are specifically compounded to identically match what your  […]

How In-House Lab can increase your practice’s profits

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Blog 08172015 In House Lab Can Increase Profits Many clinics, providers, and clinical managers have either tried their hand at running their own lab within their practice versus sending samples out. If you have, you know how hard it can be. You usually have to do a lot of the leg-work on your own at  […]

7 Questions Physicians Should Ask When Considering Toxicology Testing


7 Questions Physicians Should Ask When Considering Toxicology Testing (1) Toxicology testing, from point-of-service testing all the way to confirmation testing, must still remain within the confines of medical necessity. Several clinics and physicians have been in the news lately for abusing Medicare/Medicaid by blanket testing all patients for every drug and drug class –  […]

How Urodynamics can increase your practice’s profits


Blog 08192015 Urodynamics Can Increase Profits (1) Urodynamics, usually referring to the study of the lower urinary tract, is a set of tests usually left to Urologists. Our ancillary solution allows you to provide this service directly to your patients, in your own practice. Our urodynamics solution, along with our male-specific UroCuff testing, is the  […]

How services like Urodynamics and UroCuff are making patients more loyal


Blog Post How services like Urodynamics UroCuff Offering your patients ancillary services expands your repertoire and helps entice your patient base into returning to your clinic to seek service. Offering a solution like our Urodynamics Testing or our UroCuff Testing offers your patients a one-of-a-kind diagnosis option previously only offered in a urology clinic. Our  […]

How services like Toxicology Testing make patients more loyal


Blog Post How services like Toxicology The very idea of testing your patients to make sure they are remaininBlog Post How services like Toxicology The very idea of testing your patients to make sure they are remaining compliant with their treatment is counter-intuitive, you are basically questioning your patients. Although, in this day, you can’t  […]

How services like an In-House Lab are making patients more loyal

Blog Post How services like In House Lab Health care and patient treatment is moving more and more towards being a service based industry. Whether that is a good thing or not, I will leave for another discussion but the fact remains, patients are rating your services and talking about their clinic visits more and  […]