3 Reasons Your Practice Needs an On-Site Allergy-Testing Service


According to Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 50 million people in the United States are estimated to suffer from allergies. That’s 1 out of every 5 Americans; offering an on-site allergy testing service will not only provide this much-needed care, but also increase income. Having an on-site allergy testing service in your medical practice  […]

10 Reasons Your Practice Needs a Medication Dispenser


One particular ancillary service that provides many benefits to the patient as well as the practice is medication dispensers in doctors’ offices. The concept is straightforward. The medication dispenser is stocked with the prescriptions the practice most commonly writes. Put simply, the doctor writes a prescription, a staff member prints a label with the appropriate  […]

How Ancillary Services Can Improve Your Practice

Physician Talking to Patient

While the provision of world-class service to your patients will always remain the top priority at your practice, ancillary services are increasingly becoming a more common part of the delivery of care provided at medical offices throughout the world. While there are many reasons doctors choose to offer a variety of patient-centric ancillary services at  […]

5 Phenomenal Ancillary Services Worth Considering


Day in and day out, your practice provides invaluable services to your patients. They’ve come to trust and depend on you to help them stay healthy or return to feeling well. To further benefit your patients, there are many ancillary services that could be provided by your practice. You may have even had this thought  […]

How to Use Ancillaries to Increase Revenue?


It’s no secret that it is becoming more and more difficult to make a reasonable profit practicing medicine these days. Although the primary purpose of our profession is to help heal and maintain the health of our patients, we are still business owners with salaries, taxes, and operating expenses to pay. This often means that  […]

What Are Ancillary Services in Health Care?


Doctors, dentists and nurses are the primary health care providers we ordinarily think of first. However, ancillary services providers far outnumber the primary providers. Without ancillary services doctors, dentists and nurses would not be able to function effectively.   Ancillary services fall into three broad categories: diagnostic, therapeutic and custodial. If your physician sends you  […]