An independent review of Medical Weightloss and its benefits

Weight loss dotWith the increasing size of waist lines in the country and the impact on health outcomes, physicians need a model to enable them to offer weight loss to their patients. With diet and exercise being part of the main stay components of weight loss, monetizing a program that patients commit to has been difficult.

The current offer of weight loss programs available to physicians is somewhat limited to a product based offer or a weight loss franchise. Ancillary Medical Solutions has partnered with Weightloss MD to offer a true business model for weight loss WITHOUT the ongoing franchise fee costs. This program has a focus on behaviour modification as well as diet intake with a large variety of plans available.

When physicians are seeking to integrate any new product or service into their practice full assistance with implementation is imperative. Physicians also want the assurance of a cost effective solution without any hidden costs or fine print.

Weight loss is an effective cash generation model to help safeguard your practice from the changing environment of insurances and Medicare reimbursements. The average patient will typically bring in $1000 of revenue over a 4 to 5 month period.

Wgt loss guyThe solution that Ancillary Medical Solutions offers provides all the information, business practices and protocols to enable the practice to be successful from the start. Weightloss MD has years of experience in Medical Weight loss and has found what does and doesn’t work.

The practice receives a full consultative analysis to integrate the program in office.

The first phase has our weight loss vendor visit your office to assess workflows and the best way to integrate the business model into what you are currently doing. You will receive all the business procedures and diet plans to cover every aspect of how to run the program in office and the support you need for implementation.

Phase 2 involves the health care provider visiting an operational weight loss clinic in Atlanta to shadow their in house providers. This will create a full understanding and confidence in the patient provider interaction.

Our Weight loss partner is committed to successful implementation of the business model and also provides a marketing plan to ensure that patients looking to lose weight can find you. The office is given a full website where all their own logos can be cut and paste to create their own branded website. The website is already SEO optimised to enable high rankings on Google, typically coming up on page 1 for searches for weight loss in your area.

weight lossWith all the benefits of a franchise model without the ongoing costs, adapting a tried and proven weight loss business makes sense. Offices typically have over 50% of their patients looking to lose weight and many more in their local communities willing to spend money to support them to lose weight.

If you want to know more about what integrating a weight loss business model into your practice click on the link below and one of our Certified Ancillary Consultants will be happy to help.