A Review Of Chronic Care Management

CCMChronic Care Management (CCM) is a valuable service for patients and physicians alike. In a review of physicians,  over 80% said they would be interested in providing Chronic Care Management services  to their patients.

The benefit to patients is the additional layer of care they receive through access to 24 hour, 7 day a week health assistance and the additional out of office care they get via phone communication and medication compliance.

The Chronic Care Management program is founded off a comprehensive care plan that is provided for each patient. This plan can be the plan that drops out of the Annual Wellness Visit exam or can be collated from information provided by the physician and their EHR. The patient receives monthly calls to help them progress in management of their care plan as well as help identify conditions as they arise.

It is estimated that overall health costs can be reduced by 26% through the use of Chronic Care services. Chronic Care Management was introduced in 2015 as part of the Affordable Care Act. This opportunity allows physicians to provide additional care without any impact on their current staffing as well as earning them recurring monthly revenues.

chronic-condition-medicareOn review of the many components of CCM, physicians are hard pressed to implement all the required components of this code without 3rd party assistance. At Ancillary Medical Solutions, we have partnered with a CCM vendor who provide everything required to fulfil all aspects of servicing the 99490 code.

Patients receive monthly calls progressing them on the comprehensive care plan and empowering them to better manage their own health. They have 24 hour,  7 day a week access to health assistance, a medication management app that enables them to be reminded to take their medication at the correct times each day and a portal that allows them to view their care plan, appointments and medications. The portal can be easily shared with carers also.

For physicians, implementation is the only time requirement for the office. Once a patient is enrolled,  the entire program is handled by the vendor. Staff can be trained quickly and simply how to engage patients in the program and have the appropriate paperwork ready. The ideal time to enrol patients is when they receive their Annual Wellness Visit and their chronic conditions are easily identified.

Since the program’s inception, very few physicians have taken it on. With an anticipated 35 million Medicare patients qualifying for the Chronic Care program, there is plenty of opportunity for any private practice to onboard their patients. The statistical average is that approximately 65% of Medicare patients qualify for Chronic Care.

The recurring revenue for the physician is approximately $20 000 or more per month for every 500 patients enrolled in the program .CCM word cloud

The Chronic Conditions that can be indicated include diabetes, fibromyalgia, obesity and heart disease. Most patients ultimately die from a chronic condition, with those suffering from multiple conditions posing the biggest burden on the health care dollar.

The intention of Chronic Care Management is that patients stay home independent for longer keeping them from the constraints and expenses of managed care. If your practice is not yet offering Chronic Care Management then contact Ancillary Medical Solutions to find the program best suited to you.