3 Reasons Your Practice Needs Medical Weight Loss

weight 4With the current landscape of private practice physicians looking for additional revenue, Medical Weight Loss is one to consider for many specialty types. Over 50% of all patients that visit a doctors office are overweight or obese. Most physicians do not have a structured program to support patients to lose weight and have found it difficult to monetize.


Adding weight loss to your office can be one of the best ways to improve patient outcomes. The increasing wave of diabetics in the population, need support to help improve their health and minimize the impact of their disease state. Diabetes results in many poor health outcomes. Patients that lose weight will find improvements in the way they feel as well as often reducing the requirement for some medications.


Benefits of the Ancillary Medical Solutions Weight Loss Program to physicians is:


Support and Structure to Provide a Medical Weight Loss Model

Practices have found it difficult to create a structured program for patients and then charge for it. Ancillary Medical Solutions has partnered with Weight Loss MD to provide physicians everything required to run a successful weight loss clinic. The clinic can be set up as a stand-alone or integrated into an existing practice.


Whilst providing a full business model, there are no ongoing costs or fees to the practice. The practice receives everything they would with a franchise model – policies, procedures, diet plans and collateral. The practice is provided an extensive website that will enables them to rank highly on google search engines for weight loss in your area. This positions your office to not only service patients in house but to attract new patients looking to lose weight.


weight sign 4Create a Cash Based Revenue Stream

Practices are increasingly at the whim of commercial payers and government agencies. Introducing a cash based income is a good strategy to help relieve some of these pressures. People will spend money to lose weight. Weight gain typically occurs over years of poor lifestyle education and choices. Supporting them in the hope of losing weight and providing the structure and encouragement to do so will have people paying for this kind of service.


A typical weight loss day can return revenues of $4000 or more in a day. Providing weight loss to patients can create annual revenues in excess of $200 000 with an exceptionally high profit margin. A variety of demographics have been shown to work with the model.


happy doc 4Opportunity to Provide a Alternate Revenue Source

Many different specialties have been successful in adding weight loss as a separate strategy to their existing practice. These include cardiology and even ER doctors. Doctors cannot always see themselves doing the same specialty through to retirement due to physical or emotional demands. Weight loss provides a sea change to doctors. They have patients who are willing to spend money to lose weight and often come open to ideas and encouragement to help them. Their success is your success.


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