3 Reasons Your Practice Needs AMS’s Toxicology Testing Solution

Tox4At AMS, we understand ancillary services and we have worked to provide only the best solutions possible in each arena.  With many solutions, there are legal restrictions in terms of anti-kickback regulations and Stark laws.  We have the knowledge and experience to take the particulars of your practice in terms of how many practitioners you have, patient requirements, as well as applicable regulations that affect the way you are able to provide health care.

Ancillary Medical Solutions is able, because of the dynamic way in which we have created our ancillary solutions, to formulate a model for toxicology testing for your practice that works for all aspects, from point-of-service testing as well as confirmation testing.  Our main goal is to create a lasting partnership with you and your practice and, because of this, we want your practice to succeed, not only in terms of the vitality of your practice as a business but we also want to see you using the best ancillary solutions that help improve patient outcome.

The first reason why your practice needs and should consider AMS for your toxicology testing is because of our unique model.  Not only are we able to help you determine what is best for your practice, even if that means that AMS has to work strictly as a guide, we are able to help you from the start to finish.  Because we offer such a wide choice of toxicology testing options, we can help you choose a direction that will not only work for you, but should be the most beneficial to you and your patients.  As far as compensation or reimbursement, if applicable to your practice, we offer the unique ability in confirmation testing to become part of our confirmation lab.  This unique possibility grants  you the ability to directly and legally generate revenue off of confirmation testing.  When medically necessary, confirmation testing is required in order to determine the most accurate testing results in a patient sample.

tox4aThe second reason why you should consider AMS complete solution for toxicology is our backing by our experts in toxicology testing and our legal team.  We have an open policy, with confirmation testing, our legal team is constantly analyzing the restrictions and constantly changing health care laws in order to maintain all regulations.  As mentioned before, we want you to succeed and we want to foster a beneficial long partnership for all parties.  By maintaining a constant vigilance, we work to protect not only ourselves but those we partner with.  If you are familiar at all with anti-kickback restrictions and Stark, you know that you should be wary of any competitor offering compensation that does not address the legal issues involved with confirmation testing.  Whether they offer you free point-of-service supplies, or they somehow offer you direct reimbursement without addressing the restrictions, you should question the legality and the possible sub-sequent issues that might arise.  We offer anyone interested, to look at our contracts made available by our legal team so that you can address your concerns.



The third reason why you need AMS for your toxicology testing is because of our dedication to you; our primary goal, to create a lasting partnership, requires that we constantly look at our solutions, judge their position in the marketplace, consider how they work to benefit patient health and outcome, and make sure they work for our partners.  Our experts will make sure to address all your concerns, provide guidance and suggestion, and make sure our solutions work for you.

We welcome you to contact us and let us discuss with you how we can help create a beneficial partnership that helps you provide the highest level of care for your patients!