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Our groundbreaking Ancillary Checkup evaluates the ancillary
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Our groundbreaking Ancillary Checkup
evaluates the ancillary potential of
your practice in less than five minutes.

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Total Healthcare Spending on Ancillary Services


Average physician pay increase by implementing ancillary services

Increase Your Per-Patient Revenue

According to Procare's 2015 Independent Physician Outlook Survey, over half (53%) of independent physicians planned to explore alternative practice models in order to maintain their independence.


Improve Patient Care

Ancillary services not only offer patients more value per visit and improve convenience and compliance, they also deliver better outcomes to your diverse patient base faster and more affordably.


In-House Medication Dispensing

Improve patient compliance, offer convenience, and generate a thriving in-house revenue stream.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Compliant, convenient, hassle-free DME dispensing. Make money for your clinic – not for the DME vendor.

In Network Lab

Customized plans and equipment set-up allows your practice to optimize your space and grow your clinic no matter what its size.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Bio-Identical pellets make hormone therapy consistent, clean, and easy. At Ancillary Medical Solutions we provide convenient, patient-centric services that improve compliance and grow your practice.

In-House Sleep Apnea Testing

Sleep labs can be incredibly expensive, difficult to find, and inconvenient for the patient. With Sleep View In-Home Sleep Apnea testing units provided by AMS, you can offer patients the luxury of a sound night’s sleep in the comfort of their own beds.

Holter Monitoring

In-house Holter monitors can save your patients a trip to the cardiologist, while adding revenue to your practice.

Fall Prevention

Give your patients the peace of mind that comes from the proper diagnosis of balance issues.

Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

In-house allergy testing and treatment offer patients relief from one of the most widespread conditions in the country, in the convenience of your office.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

An effective, all-natural treatment that offers natural relief and rejuvenation, with results that last.

Toxicology Testing

Provide a best-in-class toxicology model that benefits the health of both patient and practice.

Patient Financing

Patient financing that works. Our goal is to offer a turnkey resource for those healthcare providers seeking a financial plan for patients who need a means for payment of services.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Discover this new breakthrough in prescribing efficacy: One simple test to deliver effective treatment and eliminate adverse drug reactions.

Autonomic Nervous System Testing

One in ten Americans has been diagnosed with or suffers from diabetes. Initial and regular testing for peripheral and cardiovascular neuropathy is one of the most important things doctors can do for their diabetic patients, and AMS is proud to offer ANS equipment to allow your practice to perform this crucial testing.

Medical Weight Loss

Patients have increased success with medically-guided weight loss. Bring health and wellness to your patients in a safe, effective way.


Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Ancillary Opportunities

Make the ACA work for your practice.

Ancillary services provide a profitable way to increase value per visit for your patients.

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AMS has helped us add over $600K
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Dr. Pham
These guys are true experts! If you are seeking to boost your clinic's revenue, look no further. Dr. Martinez

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