Urodynamics Testing


In-House Urodynamics Testing

Easy-to-implement testing with results and reporting from the top urology testing experts in the country.

“The specialists that UTS provides are an invaluable source of knowledge and a courteous, considerate, and compassionate complement to my staff.”
– T. Jackson, MD

At Ancillary Medical Solutions, we provide patient-centric services that offer convenience to the patient, improve compliance, and give your practice an avenue for growth. We have partnered with Urodynamic Testing Specialists (UTS) to present a best-in-class testing system that provides another touch-point for you to extend to your patients.


UTS brings the most experienced urodynamics testing team in the country right to your office. On a predetermined date, two specialists will come to your clinic and set up for a full day – testing your patients in a place that is both comfortable and convenient for them. The results are sent to the specialists at UTS, and within 48 hours your practice will receive a detailed report with suggested treatment options. Best of all, this service comes at no up-front cost with no long-term contract. You only pay for the patients that are actually tested.

In today’s healthcare environment, growing your practice can come with a great deal of risk and huge commitments. The time, training, and capital equipment required can be daunting. That’s where we come in. AMS, partnered with UTS, presents the gold standard when it comes to bladder evaluation.

By choosing UTS, you are choosing immediate growth and expansion into the critical field of urodynamics, while providing unsurpassed patient care.


Forming A Trusted Partnership

  • Dedicated testing days at your convenience
  • Reimbursement support
  • Ethical medical care to help your diagnosis
  • A turnkey solution, offering an additional revenue stream

Start-Up and Implementation

How Do I Get Started?

Choose to work with the top Urology testing specialists in the country to offer your patients a convenient diagnostic service in the comfort of your practice. Begin by distributing the questionnaires your Certified Ancillary Consultant will provide you to schedule patients for your first testing day.

Reliable Testing Specialists

Our specialists (one Physician’s Assistant and one Registered Nurse Practitioner) will arrive 30 minutes before your practice opens on the scheduled testing day to set up in a spare exam room. The specialists will test, on average, one patient every 30 minutes, and are always answerable to you and your practice.

Rapid Results

Upon completion of the testing day, the UTS specialists send off the gathered samples and information for analysis. The top Urodynamics testing specialists in the country will then review the testing data and return a thorough analysis to your practice with next steps recommendations.

Proven Reimbursement Codes

Code Modifier Description Reimbursement
51729 Tc, -26,-51 Complex Cystometrogram, Urethral Pressure Profile/Urethral Closure Pressure, Voiding Pressure $350
51797 Tc, -26,-51 Intra-Abdominal Voiding Pressure $300
51784 Tc, -26,-51 Electromyogram (patch) $300
51741 Tc, -26,-51 Complex Uroflowmetry $300
51792 Tc, -26,-51 Stimulus Evoked Response (bulbocavernosus reflex latency time) $300

1) Decide on your preferred testing day and be sure that there is a space available for testing.

2) Begin to offer your patients the Urodynamics questionnaire as part of their standard intake paperwork.

3) Welcome the UTS specialists on the appointed testing day and begin testing your patients.

4) Within 48 hours you will receive your results and recommended next steps from UTS. Refer patients to a urologist if necessary.

5) Bill your patient’s insurance ~$800 for the testing procedure. Your practice will be billed 60 days after the testing date for $300 each test. Enjoy an estimated $500 profit per test!

Sample Patient Questionnaire

Urodynamics Questionnaire

  • Have you noticed a change in your frequency of urination?
  • Do you currently wear pads or liners to protect against unplanned leaks?
  • When planning a trip, outing or event, does the availability or location of rest room facilities affect your decision?
  • Do you have trouble holding your urine as you hurry to the bathroom?
  • Do you ever experience unplanned, sudden urine loss either while sleeping or during the day?
  • Do you experience leakage while laughing, sneezing, jumping or performing other movements that put pressure on the bladder?
  • Do you visit the bathroom to urinate more than 8 times per day?
  • Do you frequently experience a sudden urge to urinate?

By offering this simple screening to your patients as a standard part of every visit, your office will be able to proactively help your patients with the very common trouble of incontinence. Save your patients what may be an unnecessary trip to a urologist by offering Urodynamics testing in-house. There’s no cost to the healthcare provider to get started and patients will receive the best testing and diagnostics in the country


The Bottom Line

We recommend incorporating these screening questionnaires into your practice the day you decide to begin offering Urodynamics testing. When a patient responds with a “Yes” to any of the questions listed, they are eligible for this testing and you can schedule them for their testing day.

With an average profit of $500 per patient tested, at the minimum of 4 patients tested a month your office stands to bring in an additional revenue of $2,000 a month

If your office schedules the maximum number of patients per day (16):

  • • 16 patients x $500 = $8,000
  • • 12 testing days a year = $96,000 additional revenue!

This entirely turnkey, no-cost to start service offers your patients convenience and comfort, adds to your office’s existing standard of care, and has the potential to add a substantial revenue stream to your practice.

Talk with you AMS Certified Ancillary Consultant to get started!