Toxicology Testing


A Toxicology Testing Model That Addresses Your Needs

Provide a best-in-class toxicology model that benefits the health of both your patients and your


“The US government is developing, evaluating, and promoting both programs and policies shown to

prevent and treat prescription drug abuse and overdose”

– CDC Vital Signs, 2013



While there are many different solutions for monitoring and toxicology testing, there has never been an option

that truly strives to create a long lasting partnership that puts your practice first to increase your revenue,

maximize your efficiency, and all the while maintain the highest in testing standards.
Until now.

Recently, the CDC has described the United States as being in an epidemic due to the number of emergency room

visits caused by pain medication overdoses. The numbers are staggering – a 400% increase in the number of deaths

of females related to prescription painkiller overdoses from 1999 to 2010, more than 6,600 deaths per year, with a

265% increase in men, equal to over 10,000 deaths per year in the same time period.

It’s now more important than ever to proactively choose to implement toxicology testing. The benefits of testing

include: the ability to improve patient treatment with a more accurate assessment of a patient’s condition,

decrease abuse of prescribed medications, improve
compliance, and testing establishes efficient treatment management.

Our priority is to work closely with you to understand your practice needs and only then, customize your

toxicology solution. AMS will begin working with you by first developing an understanding of the scope of your

practice, listening to your individual needs/requests, and then implementing a solution that will grow with your

practice and establish a long-lasting partnership.

Partner with AMS for Lab Services

We provide a full-service lab providing the best-in-class, industry-leading Urine Drug Screening confirmation

services. Our services are based out of Oklahoma City, OK and we provide service to the entire United States.

We’re committed to exceeding your needs for drug monitoring and compliance programs, and our goal is to create a

long-lasting relationship that provides you with comprehensive, clinical, and quantitative urine drug testing

through our un-paralleled service and support.

In order to continue to lead the industry, our test panels are constantly expanding in order to stay current with

new medications, illicit drugs, and controlled substances. Our advanced screening techniques utilize Liquid

Chromatography coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The results of the screen are available through a

secured web portal or through scan/fax.

Advanced Toxicology Results

  • Identify possible drug-drug interactions
  • Identify forms of drug-related behavior
  • Identify any patient diversion efforts
  • Facilitate a dialogue between you and your patients

Utilizing the most advanced testing, our detection methods are able to quantify drugs and metabolites not detected

in point-of-service urine drug screens.


A Unique Model

In a heavily-regulated industry, we work to tailor our services to your specific needs while constantly and

consistently adhering to state and federal guidelines. Our model has been developed to be dynamic, and adheres to

the highest ethical standards while providing the best service and the highest return on investment.

We work with you to establish testing that fits the size of your clinic and the forms of insurance your patients

have. The services we offer range from performing all the toxicology testing you require to helping you setup your

own testing facilities. The vision you have for
your practice will always be at the forefront.

Talk to your local AMS Certified Ancillary Consultant about how you can develop at best-in-class toxicology

program with AMS.


Start-Up and Implementation

How Do I Get Started?

AMS is working with Advanced Laboratory Services (ALS) to offer a unique approach to toxicology testing. ALS

provides the opportunity for each clinic to become a partner in an in-state toxicology lab that ALS will set up,

once at least eight clinics in that state are performing testing of approximately 75 samples/month. Profits are

split evenly between the participating clinics, in order to satisfy the requirements of the anti-kickback statutes

in place.

ALS is the industry leader in comprehensive urine drug confirmation testing for substance abuse programs and HCPs.

Urine Drug Screening (UDS) has been the gold standard of drug testing since its inception, because the specimens

offer a longer detection window and metabolites are more frequently found in urine. Screening consists of cups,

tubes, labels, paperwork, and shipping materials. A clinic will either have a Laboratory Services Assistant (LSA)

perform the screening or staff will be trained.

A clinic begins their partnership with AMS/ALS under an evaluation period where ALS analyzes the insurance

information, needs of the practice, sample volume, and then works to implement a solution that best serves the

specific requirements of each practice. During this evaluation period an HCP orders the UDS and a urine sample is

collected, packaged, and shipped to a central laboratory in Oklahoma. Unless otherwise specified, the sample will

be analyzed for a standard 12-drug/metabolite panel. More drugs/metabolites may be ordered at the time of

collection or even for a short period after the sample is shipped. ALS provides the clinic with results through a

web portal, which the HCP logs into over a secure internet connection to retrieve the results.

Once an in-state Co-Op is set up between the participating clinics and ALS, all commercial insurance samples are

sent to the in-state lab while Medicare samples will still be shipped to the ALS lab in Oklahoma.

1) Meet with your Certified Ancillary Consultant to analyze your practice’s patient population and insurance mix.

2) Begin to send your drug screen samples to ALS in Oklahoma and receive in-depth confirmation testing reports

with a high level of specificity.

3) AMS works to bring together physicians throughout your state to form a toxicology Co-Op and build an in-state


4) Watch your practice revenue grow in partnership with other like-minded HCPs.

5) Enjoy a toxicology solution that makes your practice money and offers the most stat-of-the-art testing

modalities in the world.