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Being successful in medical sales means having the right tools and the right portfolio to do your job well. Every Ancillary is a platform that educates you on how to be successful in medical sales as well as giving you the products and services to become a million dollar sales rep without any middle men. These podcasts give you information on sales, successful reps and the information you need to talk about a product or service with confidence. Subscribe so you can stay up to date on all things ancillary!

Episode #238 How Ancillaries help physicians


In this episode, Mike and Viv discuss the role ancillaries can play in helping physicians. Burnout is a common problem among doctors and the addition of ancillary can help doctors in more ways than providing revenue.

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Episode #237 The Cancer Screening Scam


In this podcast, Viv and Mike discuss the cancer screening scam that was recently brought to attention by NBC news. The scam was evident to Mike and Viv back in December after numerous reps were calling in about cancer screening.

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Episode #236 Sales Success - Tips If You Are Starting Out In Medical Sales


In this podcast, Mike and Viv share some tips for sales reps who are just getting started in the field. They share some of their experience around what they needed to be successful.

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Episode #235 Avacen Buisness Building


In this podcast, Mike and Viv review the business model with the Avacen 100 device. This product has many health benefits including relief from pain and stiffness. This product is just getting started and has appeal to both health practitioners and direct

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