Patient Text Communication


Stay In Touch With Your Patients

Increase compliance, eliminate no-shows, and develop a closer relationship with your patients.


“By eliminating nearly 50 phone calls a day from my practice’s front office everything runs more efficiently and my patients get more face time.”
– J. Sahdana, NP

The number of no-shows and late cancellations a physician’s office receives every year has a large impact on their bottom line. Studies have shown that reduced cancellations can lead to higher revenue – as much as $1,000 each day. Ancillary Medical Solutions offers a text communication service that has been proven to reduce no-shows and late cancellations in addition to a providing intuitive patient communication.

Recent polls show that 91% of Americans today have a mobile phone, as do 74% of seniors. Among these seniors, 45% report regular usage of text messaging. In addition, 18-44 year olds report they feel more connected through texting than through any other means of communication, including phone calls or e-mails. Using the revolutionary communications platform called Protocall, it’s easy for your practice to reach out to your patients and engage them through a medium they already utilize and prefer in their daily lives.

Protocall is a two-way texting patient engagement platform used in healthcare settings nationwide. It’s a turnkey, online software package that makes it easy to set up and manage communications. Find out how you can improve patient follow up and engagement, increase your practice revenue, and save money and time by streamlining your front office with the Protocall system, from Dialog Health.

Protocall Use Cases

Population Management

  • Impact HEDIS scores
  • Appointment reminders
  • Screening tool for mammography, prostate, etc.
  • Patient notices (lab, pharmacy, radiology, etc.)
  • Care Path compliance
  • Member satisfaction surveys

Your results are back, and they are normal. If you have any questions, please reply text or call us at 615.425.4292


  • Shared health care journey
  • Medical policy reinforcement
  • Driver instructions
  • Patient education

It is important that Sally does not eat or drink anything before her appointment this morning at 8 AM. Click here for a map to our facility.


  • Pre-registration
  • Co-pay confirmation
  • Online bill payment
  • Electronic EOBs
  • Fundraising

Hi Sally. Please remember that you may have a co-pay today.

Sally, please let us know a convenient time to call you today.


  • Improve on-time starts
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Post acute care follow-ups
  • Recall appointments
  • MD appointment reminders
  • Surgery and imaging appointment reminders

Hi Sally. Remember your appointment is at 10 AM on June 26. Please reply text “Yes” to confirm or “RS” to reschedule.

Consumer Concierge

  • Notify office hour changes
  • Appointment cancellation or vacancies
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Measure real-time feedback
  • Manage patient initiated inquiries
  • Consumer education

We apologize for our need to reschedule your appointment today. We have equipment that needs to be serviced.

Start-Up and Implementation


How Do I Get Started?

Your Certified Ancillary Consultant will be happy to take you and your practice through a demonstration of the Protocall patient communication application.
Learn how you can:

  • Increase revenue by reducing cancellations and no-shows by up to 70%.
  • Improve productivity and free-up staff time by reducing the number of phone calls made and received
  • For every doctor, your staff can save an average of 25 phone calls/day
  • Drive clinical and medication compliance with automated campaign messages
  • • Increase patient satisfaction with post-appointment surveys.
  • Improve outcomes by increasing the frequency of touch with your patients
  • Retain patients with automated follow-up care messaging
  • Broaden the “Circle of Care” by allowing patients to opt-in a spouse or a caregiver
  • Achieve a return of up to 7 times your investment

“I am now able to offer my patients follow ups that link to videos that demonstrate proper post-op exercises. Exercise compliance has increased by leaps and bounds!”
– A. Ross, DPM

1) Fill out a demo request sheet and experience the state-of-the-art functionality of the Protocall system.

2) Sign up with Protocall through AMS and work with the vendor to link up your patient records.

3) Set up your automated texting campaigns and easily master all the options.

4) Begin to send text reminders and follow-ups out to your patient base.

5) Watch as your front office gets more productive, your patients become more responsive, and your practice grows!



Patient and Physician Perspectives

Providers, nurses, receptionists and patients – everyone benefits from more efficient and effective communication.

Simple, Easy, and Fast

“Confirming appointments is a top priority for a front desk receptionist. Before Dialog Health, calling every patient on the day prior to their appointment could take up half of my day. The repetition of calls and voice mails that I had to leave began to get tiresome.

Now that a majority of our patients receive appointment confirmation text messages, I am able to free up my time for other important duties. Dialog Health is also very useful for appointment reschedules. The patient can simply text that they are unable to make it to their appointment and I can either reply via text or call them to get the appointment rescheduled.
Simple, easy, and fast!”

– A. Evans
Patient & Marketing Coordinator
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Affiliates
TMJ Services


Developing Practices Through Partnership

“The relationship that we have developed with Dialog Health is optimal and is one that allowed us to create a successful solution for our OB/GYN providers. They are integral partners in business and I trust their abilities to deliver in our transforming marketplace. We now have a significant product differentiator where our clients experience a 2-3 times ROI in less than six months.”

– P. Suiter
President & CEO
Artemis Health Group

Increasing Compliance and Communication

“In general, getting patients to comply with pre-admission preparation strategies is a challenge throughout health care. While patients want to be compliant, they will often forget to fulfill these pre-admission requirements. So, that’s why we looked to new technology for a solution. When you use a prompt like texting or e-mailing, you make the patient an intimate partner in the health care process.”

– J. Comstock
Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee