Onychomycosis Rapid Testing – Nail Fungus


The #1 Condition that your practice is missing out on!

Quickly and accurately diagnose your patients common nail complaints. You no longer have to wait weeks to get an accurate diagnosis of your patient’s nail complaints. New PCR molecular testing sees results back in 72 hours.

“I have suffered with embarrassment with this condition for many years. I didn’t know diagnosis and treatment were that available.”
– J. Thomas

Every day your practice sees 2 or 3 patients per provider who are silently suffering from disformed. discolored and thickened nails. A new test is now available to test for this common nail condition. A quick nail biopsy is taken and sent to the lab for the most accurate, rapid onychomycosis test to date. All insurances reimburse – federal and commercial.

Patients find this condition embarassing and unsightly. Many patients are resigned to thinking that they will never have normal nails again.

Onychomycosis affects about 15% of the population. While the condition initially may not affect patient health and well being, the condition can over time, cause pain, discomfort and disfigurement. Some patients feel their quality of life is affected with the shame attached to how their nails look. Often it is the toe nails that are affected. Finger nails can also be affected in association with certain occupations or from the use of nail salons.

The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology cites Onychomycosis as a public health concern due to the high prevalence of the condition globally. Secondary effects can result in bacterial infections, pain and cellulitis. Diabetes, patients with impaired immune function and those over 60 years of age are three patient subsets that are seeing a higher incidence of this condition. Furthermore, the journal cites that due to the impact on physical, functional, psychosocial and emotional aspects, the condition deserves rigorous clinical management.

Medical practices, often overlook this condition as a patient may have learned to simply live with the condition, due to it’s insidious onset. Overtime however, the condition can spread to other nails, become unsightly, cause pain and discomfort.

An article by JAMA Dermatology cites that only about half of dystrophic nails are caused by fungi. The other half are caused by conditions such as lichen planus, trauma, psoriasis and other reasons. Given the cost and length of treatment required, prudent diagnosis is worthwhile. Traditional testing for onychomycosis has taken several weeks for the cultures to develop.

The nail biopsy can be collected within a few minutes and requires the specimen to be a minimum of 2mm. Our rapid PCR testing has a 72 hour turn around time, targeting 29 differemt pathogens covering the top 3 including yeast, mold and fungus. This testing is performed at the molecular level ensuring accuracy and spped of diagnosis.

Target patients can be easily identified with a single question adjustment to the patient intake form. A Medical Assistant can be easily trained to collect the sample. Practices will see anywhere from 2 to 7 patients per day with this common complaint.

rapid 72 hour turnaround

Practice Benefits

Enhanced practice loyalty due to patient satisfaction associated with diagnosis and treatment of chronic and embarassing onychomycosis. Time required for sample collection is minimal. With 2 or 3 patients each day a practice can expect to increase revenue by $5,000 to $10,000 per month. There are no start up costs or investment required. The office simply bills for a unilateral or bilateral biopsy with code 11755. All payers reimburse for sample collection.

Getting started is simple. To have your testing supplies sent to your office please enquire on the link below and one of our trained consultants can assist.

Start-up and Implementation


How Do I Get Started?

Your Certified Ancillary Consultant can provide the laboratory order form and supplies will be shipped to you within a few days. Elect an office champion to help identify appropriate patients in your patient intake process. Samples are collected with the kits our lab will provide you then submitted to the lab for analysis. Results will be available with a rapid turnaround. Determine the appropriate course of treatment or referral.

Call us on 888-315-1519 or leave your details in the link below for a representative to contact you.

And that’s it!

You’re ready to go. Simply begin to offer this service to your patients, utilize the reimbursement code provided, and you’ll soon be seeing your practice grow.

  • 11755: Unilateral nail biopsy

I thought I would never have normal nails again. The care and diligence of my doctor now means I can comfortably walk and wear open toed shoes without the embarassment of disfigured toe nails.”

– Sarah, Age 62

1) Work with your AMS Certified Ancillary Consultant to gather the necessary information.

2) You will receive your kits within a few days.

3) Start identifying patients and collecting samples.

4) Receive patient reports and consult with your patient on treatment options.

5) Bill the code 11755 and watch your practice revenue grow!

Facts & Figures

All insurances cover sample collection

Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial insurances all consider onychomycosis as a significant condition and will reimburse for sample collection.

  • Fungal infections are responsible for 50% of all nail disease.
  • Millions of dollars are spent annually on often ineffective treatments
  • Correct treatment takes time and is effective
  • New molecular testing makes diagnosis and treatment accurate and effective

The Bottom Line

As a provider, you will see an average reimbursement of $135 from Medicare and more from Commercial Insurance.

Remember – this is 100% profit. There is no cost for the kits and all it takes is a few minutes for sample collection. A follow up consult can be arranged for discussion of results.

What does this mean for your practice long-term? At two unilateral tests each day, your practice will see an additional $80,000 per year.

What could your practice be using that money for?