Mental Health Assessment


Multi-Dimensional Mental Health Screening

Our mental health assessment allows you to screen for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health issues while your patients are in the waiting room.

“Some studies suggest that if physicians tested all pain patients for depression, they might discover 60% of currently undetected depression.”
– Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Mental health and wellness are increasingly becoming a focus of attention for the American public, and it is becoming clear that mental disorders and dysfunction sometimes go undiagnosed. By offering your patients a short and simple mental health assessment while they are in the waiting room or the exam room, you greatly increase the chances of diagnosing and treating those who may be suffering from mental illness.

Turn waiting time into productive time, offer your patients a valuable service, and add an easy revenue stream to your practice with mental health assessments from Ancillary Medical Solutions.

AMS empowers physicians with an iPad questionnaire that detects behavioral health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. This evidence-based mobile screening assessment can be easily completed during annual checkups in the waiting
room or remotely in just 5 minutes.

Once the assessment is completed, The results of the assessment will be immediately sent as a PDF to a designated email and used to provide clinical support at the point of care.

The results enable health care providers to make a more accurate diagnosis and provide insight to guide treatment for the best care.

Increased Patient Support

  • Enables providers to quickly and accurately screen for a wide range of mood and anxiety disorders and helps find unidentified cases, avoid mistreatment, and allows healthcare providers to monitor patients over time.
  • Intake/Medical Necessity is easily established within medical wellness guidelines.
  • Can be conducted in the main waiting room, or in an exam room – whichever the clinic prefers.
  • iPad or Workstation can be used.

How Does It Work?

The Mental Health Assessment is delivered electronically and fits into the current EHR format. The assessment is an evidenced-based screening for anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Assessments follow the diagnostic criteria of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and adheres to the American Psychological Association.

This assessment gives the patient something to do while waiting for the doctor, increases patient engagement, elevates the perception of care, and even though the doctor isn’t taking the time to physically ask the questions, the patient is engaged as they think about the questions before the healthcare provider consult.

How Does It Work?


$64 Average Insurance Reimbursement
-$20 Cost Per Test

$44 Net Revenue Per Test
50 Patients Per Day Take the Test
x 22 Office Days per Month

1,100 Tests per Month
1,100 Tests per Month
x $44 Net Revenue

$48,400 Revenue per Month
$48,400 in Revenue Per Month
x 12 Months

$580,800 Annual Revenue

Increase Patient Support
While Building Revenue

Start-Up and Implementation


How Do I Get Started?

No Start-Up Cost

Ancillary Medical Solutions is always looking for ways to grow your practice that offer low start-up costs and rapid results. Our Mental Health Assessment is just such a solution! There is no cost to your practice to begin implementing this powerful tool.

The Mental Health Assessment CPT Code: 96103, G0442 and G0444 – Computer Administered Psychological Test

1) Complete a demographics form with your AMS Certified Ancillary Consultant.

2) Our vendor will quickly be in touch to set up your practice’s account.

3) Begin your trial period, having your patients take the assessment in either the waiting room or the exam room.

4) All insurance providers should cover these assessments using the proven code (CPT Code 96103, G0442 and G0444). Average reimbursement: $64 for Medicare, $100 + private pay.

5) Learn more about the mental health of your patient base, and perform more rapid diagnosing of mental health disorders, and a newly-found, steady revenue stream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Our Vendor: ThoughtSwift

Q: How do I know that the patients are being honest in their answers?

No assessment (or live interview for that matter) can guarantee that patients are going to give completely honest answers. In fact, some will try to be less than honest for any of a variety of reasons. The survey contains algorithms that are able to measure and compare answers. Whether a patient attempts to deceive the test or not, it is found that this assessment opens dialogue between the patient and doctor to possibly uncover something beneath the surface with regards to their total care.

Q: How do I view my results? Can a patient view results?

Results are delivered via a HIPAA SECURED email via PDF (not login by authorized staff). Login is password protected. The display will be presented in readily understood format with graphics for visual clarity, and archived as an electronic report that is easily printed or saved to your local computer for disposition as you choose, such as sending to your electronic medical records (EMR) system or in another manner of your choosing. The option for a patient to see the results is entirely yours.

Q: Can I buy my own iPad?

Yes, you may use an existing tablet or purchase an iPad from ThoughtSwift for $149. We handle the insurance, programming, and servicing of the iPad. It’s also a potential business write-off. The iPad we provide you is loaded with our web-based portal to run your assessments; however, you are able to use your own qualified device if you already have the device at your office.

Q: Where is this test being used?

Due to privacy policies we do not disclose names of our clients. However, this assessment is being used across the United States by general and family practitioners, hospitals, behavioral facilities, and specialists.

Q: What if the reimbursement is denied, do I still have to pay you for the test?

It is recommended that the practice verifies with their billing and coding specialist prior to administering the assessment whether it is billable through their particular insurance. If at any time you are denied reimbursement and have follwed the best billing practices listed in our new customer packet and allowed our Customer Care and Billing department to assist you in remedying the non-payment, you will not be charged for the unpaid assessment. We ask that you pay the current month’s statement, submit evidence of non-payment and the number of unpaid claims will be credited to you the following month.

Q: How long has this test been around?

All the Assessments are industry standard and have been used by physicians for over 20 years.

Q: Can my patients view their results?

The Doctor/Administrator has the ability to allow viewing of reports by patients directly after taking the assessment.

Q: When do we get billed for the assessments done in the prior month?

You will receive a bill within a week of the close of each month. Your bill will be due within 30 days. If payment is not received within 30 days, your payment method on file will be automatically charged on the 45th day.

Q: Is this test HIPAA compliant?

This test is 100% HIPAA compliant.

The Clear Choice

ThoughtSwift vs. The Competition

  • Our assessment provides three billable codes, other assessments only have one billable code.
  • Your practice pays only a $20 fee per assessment – other companies will charge this fee for each of the five tests it would take to cover the range of analysis that ours does!
  • Clinician Group does not charge a monthly maintenance fee. The competition charges up to $1,800 a month to use their programs – plus the cost of the test
  • Most of the assessments provided by mental health testing groups are not validated. ThoughtSwift have been validated by the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association as recently as May 2013.
  • No other company provides the support system, marketing materials, or live back office support that Clinician Group does – work with the best!

Integrated With Your EMR

  • We provide your clinic with the ability to import patient files via .CSV or .XLS. This creates a seamless transition from our assessment portal to your EMR software. Your facility will have the ability to export this data into your software and update your patient files.
  • iPad(s) can be used for any practice need – not just the exams.
  • iPad(s) arrive ready to run assessments with the Apple approved application icon.
  • Physician practices and hospitals are increasingly required to upgrade their operations with digitized records. A new study shows that Apple’s iPad is the device of choice when it comes to doctors interacting with health records.

One-Test Comprehensive Diagnostics

ThoughtSwift provides fast evaluation for:

  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Alcohol Dependency
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Pain Management
  • Substance Abuse