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In Network lab solution

The Perfect Lab Solution

Lab services are an integral part of the physician tool kit. With as many as 50% or more of patients requiring blood work, lab services provide the tool to diagnose, prevent and treat disease. The results give the physician the ability to provide personalized medicine as well find baseline values, genetic markers and key metabolites.

Technology is improving the testing available to physicians and we are able to provide in network access to Wellness panels including allergy, advanced lipid panels, pre-natal thrombophilia and Cystic Fibrosis testing, Toxicology, Pharmacogenetics and general blood chemistry. Due to our expansive in network solution, your office will have access to cutting edge testing for all your sampling requirements and receive reporting efficiently.

The Frustration

Physicians can commonly feel frustrated with their current lab offer. Concerns typically center around

  • Patient complaints from out of network billing (patient bills can range from $300 to $8000) resulting in strained doctor – patient relationships
  • Threats of insurances pulling office contracts due to out of network billing
  • Lack of tailored panels
  • Access to lab people who can answer questions and
  • Access to reports

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The Solution

Ancillary Medical Solutions has partnered with a Laboratory Management solution that ensures all billing occurs in network and that your patients remain satisfied and loyal to your practice. Physicians also have access to laboratory staff to discuss panel requirements, reports and billing.

Medical offices frequently complain about the number of hours various team members spend on the phone to their lab assisting patients with billing concerns or hunting down patient reports. Often these labs are so big, the wait times on the phone can be lengthy further frustrating office staff.

Portal access is provided and enables 100% transparency between the lab and the office. The physician has access to patient tests run and reporting, any errors due to insufficient sample size or billing.

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Patient Benefits:

  • No large bills
  • In network offering provides higher coverage and testing availability
  • Lower deductibles
  • Assistance with billing via dedicated help line
  • Access to national billing network to ensure no out of network billing occurs even if the patient is travelling

Physician Benefits:

  • No more frustrated patients
  • No more threats of having health insurance contracts pulled
  • Wide variety of everyday and innovative testing
  • Portal access for all reporting, testing and billing
  • Prompt and efficient access to results
  • Enhance practice with additional wellness panels


Our lab partner ensures that patients are directed back to the lab for any questions concerning billing, saving your staff time and energy. For those that are financially challenged further assistance is provided.

The lab bills come with a card providing a call in number for billing assistance. This gives patients access directly to the people that can help them with their billing questions and provides patient peace of mind. This can alleviate immense in office pressure by circumventing the desire for patients to contact their medical office for assistance.

Should the patient still choose to contact the medical office, their patients will not be frustrated with the high lab bills that are often sent, sometimes in the thousands of dollars.

The Model

The laboratory service is a Laboratory Management Model where a partnership arrangement has been implemented nationwide amongst a network of labs. National insurance contracts ensure that all insurers are covered due to the 10 000 contracts with health insurance providers that the lab holds.

This network ensures high coverage of testing requests as well as lower patient billing. The lab service is utilized in the same way as an existing lab service, with fewer patient and physician headaches.

Panels that are covered include:

  • General blood chemistry
  • Wellness panels including allergy and advanced lipids
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Toxicology
  • Cystic Fibrosis, thrombophilia and prenatal screening

The Solution


In Network Benefits

The latest testing provides Cystic Fibrosis and Prenatal screening. Cystic Fibrosis currently affects 30,000 children and adults nationwide. This test is simple and pain free by use of a buccal swab with results being available 3 to 5 days later. This is much safer and less invasive than the current 10 plus vial blood draw or amniocentesis procedures currently offered.

Prenatal testing covers a comprehensive mutation panel including ACMG/ACOG. The testing is 100% accurate and performed with over 99% precision. The CF test is offered as a stand alone or in conjunction with a Prenatal or Comprehensive panel.

Further benefits in the OBGYN market include testing for Thrombophilia which is related to Factor V Leiden (FVL) or Prothrombin Gene Mutations. These factors are related to fetal loss and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Specialty Panels also include Diabetic Prevention, Renal Function, Cardiovascular, Liver function, Specialty chemistry and Hive panels.

The Comprehensive Allergy Panel tests for allergies and sensitivities in an Expanded food Panel and Environmental Regional Panels. These panels include 45 regional inhalants and 90 foods. Inhalants are based on 12 geographic regions and include pollen, dust, dander and mold. Foods include 10 dairy products, 9 grains, 32 fruit and vegetables, meats and fish, herbs and spices, nuts and food additives.

A immunotherapy option is also provided to then offer patient treatment.


Urine drug screening is done more conservatively than standard labs. Rather than taking advantage of insurances, our lab vendor runs a Comprehensive Panel of 16 screens. This provides physicians the data they need ethically and to ensure longevity of this type of testing in the marketplace.

Urine analysis includes positive and negative results, Interpretation Defining and understanding of drug interactions.

Panels can be tailored to the office requirements.



Pharmacogenetics allows personalized medicine. Advancing technology is enabling detection of gene expression and the roles it plays in drug metabolism. Medication misadventures from drug reactions are approaching 1 million cases and over 100 000 deaths are reported each year.

These complications can be reduced through improved screening practices. With prior knowledge of a patient’s ability to metabolize different medications, a physician can make an informed decision on the best drug, dose and frequency for the patient the first time a medication is prescribed.

Reports are easy to interpret, marked with hazard symbols for any potential serious reactions and green lights for safe and efficacious medications. This test is once in a lifetime and provides potentially lifesaving information.

Our lab vendor charges roughly $2,000 less than competitors, again easing the burden on the insurance dollar and helping safeguard reimbursements.

How do I get started

Get Started

1) Sit down for a consultation with Ancillary Medical Solutions to perform a quick practice analysis. This will include the current payer mix and volume and type of tests currently performed.

2) The analysis will be sent to our vendor who will determine the best solution for you. Sign up paperwork will be forwarded and copies of reports if required.

3) Sign the agreement and order lab supplies.

4) Begin testing once lab supplies arrive.

5) Continue to work with your Certified Ancillary Consultant to ensure that you have the lab testing you need and to stay abreast of any advanced testing as it becomes available.

In Summary

If your office sees out of network and/or high lab billing and lose staff time to laboratory phone calls it is worth completing the practice analysis for a no obligation preview of how our laboratory management model can work for you.

This concept was born from physician frustrations and is founded on the concept that physicians need diagnostic tools for patients that are efficient, user and patient friendly. Contact Ancillary Medical Solutions to find out more.