How does your program work?

AMS will conduct a custom practice analysis to determine which ancillary programs your practice is eligible for, and we will design an ancillary program that will deliver the most value to your patients and greatest impact to your bottom line.

AMS has a nationwide network of Certified Ancillary Consultants who will assist with program selection, enrolment, implementation, and ongoing support and training for your staff.

We make the process of launching a successful ancillary campaign simple so you can focus on patients!

Who will be providing the service?

AMS has extensively researched and partnered with the top service providers in each ancillary sector. Each provider is vetted to ensure that they are:

  • -patient-centric first and foremost
  • -user-friendly, easy to implement
  • -compliant with all Federal and State Regulations
  • -generate maximum ROI for the practice

Is there any training required?

Many of our programs do require some training for the provider and staff. Our Certified Ancillary Consultants will be able to assist you with hands-on training and support.

Are there patient minimums?

Some of our solutions do have minimum patient requirements. To find out if your practice qualifies for a particular service, take the Ancillary Checkup questionnaire.

Does your service cost money?

Our consulting service is totally FREE to your practice. We make money when your practice makes money!

While many of the services are free to enroll, others do have startup costs. Our Certified Ancillary Consultants can walk you through the different options for your practice and design a program to fit your requests.

Are your programs covered by insurance? Medicare?

Many of our services are covered by commercial insurance and Medicare/Medicaid. We will conduct a FREE practice analysis to determine the most effective programs to fit your practice’s payer mix.

Are your programs compliant with State and Federal regulation? Staark, anti-kickback?

Absolutely! Each program offered by AMS is vetted to insure full compliance will ALL Federal and State regulations.

How do I know which ancillary programs I qualify for?

To find out which programs your practice may be eligible for, take the Ancillary Checkup questionnaire located on our website. Or, you can call us directly 888-315-1519 and speak with one of our Certified Ancillary Consultants.

Do your programs provide PQRS points or Meaningful Use Credits?

Yes, some of our programs do have the added benefit of PQRS points, HEDIS, and Meaningful Use Credits.

Which States are your programs available?

AMS is nationwide and has programs in all 50 States and Puerto Rico.